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The 24SEVEN chain of convenience stores is another example of Godfrey Phillips India's innovative approach to business. A first in India, these stores are the only organised retail chains in the 'round-the-clock' convenience store format launched with the vision of becoming an indispensable part of the lives of people in every community.
The address of this outlet is Shop No. K2, K3 & KB3, Ground Floor, Qutub Enclave Complex, DLF, Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002.




Shiv Sharma

Posted on:25-08-2019


Lots of imported products are available here, chocolates, deodorants and many more. Fast food available tastes just fine. Good place if someone is looking for imported products. It is a very good store for calorie conscious , since most popular sugar free brands , gluten free brands like sofit,raw pressery,cocojal , max protein ,soyachips are available here. Cold stored food is available here . Beverages like coffee and fast foods like momos are also available. Payment available through paytm. They have usually offers running. Not a store to buy daily products since not all of them are available


Posted on:22-05-2019


Very good place. Almost everything available here, opens 24/7 as per the name hints. Atmosphere and construction theme is also nice. Butter croissant has been upgraded from a VEG to NON-VEG product and this is really really sad. It was my staple breakfast and being a vegetarian, I can't consume it now. Putting up the non-veg option is fine but discontinuing the veg one is disappointing, given non-vegetarian can consume the veg one but vice-versa is not possible. I would kindly request, to please continue the "veg" option as well for the Butter croissant. Additionally, to tackle climate change, one way is to encourage and promote vegetarianism, scope of CSR?

Business Hours

  • Sun: Open 24 hours
    Mon: Open 24 hours
    Tue: Open 24 hours
    Wed: Open 24 hours
    Thu: Open 24 hours
    Fri: Open 24 hours
    Sat: Open 24 hours

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